Transforming Healthcare Through Revolutionary In Vitro Diagnostic Devices: Tianlong's Impact
Release Date 2023-12-18

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Tianlong has emerged as a pioneering force, dedicated to transforming the field of diagnostics. With a steadfast vision to revolutionize healthcare, Tianlong has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge in vitro diagnostic devices. By combining precision, efficiency, and reliability, Tianlong aims to provide healthcare professionals with innovative solutions that enhance patient care and improve outcomes.


PANA 9600S: Automated Nucleic Acid Workstations

The PANA 9600S is a revolutionary automated nucleic acid workstation that redefines the way samples are processed in the laboratory. With features like automated sample scanning, loading, extraction, and PCR setup, this device streamlines workflows and eliminates manual errors. The PANA 9600S offers versatility in handling various sample types, making it suitable for a wide range of downstream applications. Its user-friendly interface and high precision results ensure accurate and reliable diagnostics.


Gentier 96E: Real-time PCR System for High-End Laboratories

Designed to meet the demands of high-end laboratories and research institutions, the Gentier 96E is a state-of-the-art Real-time PCR system. This advanced device enables simultaneous processing of 96 samples with 6 fluorescence channels, allowing for efficient and high-throughput analysis. With its intuitive operation, precise temperature control, and efficient fluorescence detection, the Gentier 96E empowers researchers with the tools they need to achieve exceptional results.


GeneRotex 96: Innovative Nucleic Acid Extractor

The GeneRotex 96 is an innovative nucleic acid extractor that incorporates revolutionary Rotary Mixing Technology (RMT). This technology minimizes cross-contamination risks and ensures reliable and reproducible results. With its quiet operation and automated sample hatch, the GeneRotex 96 offers enhanced convenience in the laboratory. Its open compatibility and high extraction efficiency make it a valuable asset for molecular diagnostics and genetic testing.


Advancements in Research and Innovation

At Tianlong, we recognize the importance of independent research and development in driving long-term innovation in genetic testing. With a dedicated team of experts, we strive to stay at the forefront of advancements in the field. Our company has established itself as a domestic leader in genetic testing and molecular diagnostics, driven by continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence in product design and solutions.


Collaboration with Scientific and Engineering Experts

To foster innovation and exchange knowledge, Tianlong collaborates with scientific and engineering experts from various disciplines. Our expert team comprises molecular biologists, biomedical engineers, and other professionals who bring diverse perspectives to our research and development efforts. Additionally, we have established a postdoctoral innovation center and academician workstation, which serve as hubs for cutting-edge research and collaboration with leading companies in the field.


Impact and Achievements of Tianlong's In Vitro Diagnostic Devices

Tianlong's in vitro diagnostic devices have played a crucial role in major epidemics such as COVID-19, avian influenza, and Ebola. With autonomous intellectual property rights for over 80 products, our devices have enabled accurate and timely diagnosis, empowering healthcare professionals to effectively manage and control the spread of diseases. By providing reliable diagnostic solutions, Tianlong has made significant contributions to disease control and prevention efforts worldwide.



Tianlong's commitment to quality and innovation has earned us extensive global recognition and market presence. Our products are trusted by healthcare professionals in over 100 countries and regions. Furthermore, our compliance with over 70 China NMPA approvals and 120+ international certifications demonstrate our dedication to meeting the highest regulatory standards. From clinical diagnostics to epidemic prevention and research, Tianlong's in vitro diagnostic devices have established a strong reputation worldwide.