Unleashing the Potential: Tianlong's Journey in In Vitro Diagnostic Devices
Release Date 2023-12-18

Since its establishment in 1997, Tianlong has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of in vitro diagnostic devices. With a focus on genetic testing and molecular diagnostics, Tianlong has built an impeccable reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions to the healthcare industry.


Establishing a Legacy of Genetic Testing and Molecular Diagnostics

Renowned for its research and development capabilities, Tianlong has spearheaded the production of nucleic acid testing instruments and reagents. Our comprehensive range of products includes state-of-the-art extraction systems and PCR solutions, enabling accurate and efficient diagnostic processes.


Global Recognition and Certifications

Tianlong's commitment to excellence is evident in the numerous accolades and certifications we have received. With over 70 China NMPA approvals and more than 120 international certifications, Tianlong has established itself as a trusted player in the global market. Our products have gained significant market presence in over 100 countries and regions worldwide, being widely utilized in clinical diagnostics, epidemic prevention, food safety, and research.


Contributions to Disease Prevention and Control

Tianlong's impact on disease prevention and control cannot be overstated. The company has played a pivotal role in combating major epidemics, including COVID-19, avian influenza, and Ebola. With autonomous intellectual property rights for over 80 products, Tianlong has continuously raised the bar in diagnostic solutions. By offering reliable and accurate testing capabilities, we have significantly enhanced global healthcare outcomes.


Tianlong's Core Strengths: Innovation and Expertise

Tianlong's success can be attributed to the exceptional research and development team. Comprising experts in molecular biology, engineering, and other relevant disciplines, this multidisciplinary team is at the forefront of innovation. Tianlong's commitment to nurturing talent is evident through the establishment of a postdoctoral innovation center and an academician workstation, fostering cutting-edge research and driving continuous improvement.


Tianlong understands the value of collaboration and partnership. By forging alliances with leading global enterprises, we leverage collective expertise to drive innovation. Tianlong's dedicated engineering team focuses on the research and development of instrumentation and testing kits, ensuring constant advancements in technology and product offerings. This collaborative approach allows Tianlong to stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.


Quality and compliance are paramount for Tianlong. We emphasize talent guidelines based on ability, attitude, and quality, ensuring that our team members possess the necessary skills and mindset to deliver exceptional results. With a result-oriented, reflective, and collaborative approach, Tianlong consistently strives for excellence. We prioritize compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that our products and services meet the highest standards.


Showcasing Innovations at MEDICAL JAPAN 2023 Expo

Tianlong recently participated in the prestigious MEDICAL JAPAN 2023 Expo, where we showcased our latest innovations in in vitro diagnostic devices. This platform allowed Tianlong to connect with industry leaders, exchange knowledge, and demonstrate our commitment to advancing healthcare. By participating in such events, Tianlong continues to stay at the forefront of the industry, driving innovation and shaping the future of in vitro diagnostics.



Tianlong's revolutionary in vitro diagnostic devices have truly transformed healthcare. Through our pioneering spirit, commitment to innovation, and expertise, Tianlong has cemented its position as a leader in the field. With a track record of delivering reliable solutions and contributions to disease prevention and control, Tianlong continues to drive the industry forward, improving healthcare outcomes for our customers and the global community.