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    • Brucella Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Fluorescent PCR Method)

      Brucellosis is a chronic zoonotic infectious disease, which is commonly seen in cattle, sheep, pigs and other domestic animals. lt is generally inapparent and can be transmitted to humans and other domestic animals. lt mainly invages the reproductive system, resulting in abortion of pregnant female animals, orchitis and epididymitis of male animals 

      Brucella can be classified into 6 types, including Brucella melitensis, bovis, swine, dog, forest mouse and ovine testis. The first four types of Brucella can cause zoonotic systemic infectious diseases.

      The main source of infection of brucellosis is diseased animals, which are mainly transmitted through the reproductive tract secretions of pregnant animals and aborted fetuses, and can be infected through damaged skin, mucosa, respiratory tract, digestive tract and other routes. Almost all human cases of brucellosis are caused by brucellosis positive animals, and humans have repeated attacks after infection. Human-to-human

      transmission is extremely rare. 

      For cattle and sheep and other livestock, there is no specific drug for brucellosis, and prevention is the main approach. Once found need to cull, destroy, harmless treatment. lt is necessary to improve the awareness of

      jarmers on the harm of brucellosis and strengthen the awareness of prevention. Therefore, the OlE has listed it as one of the notifiable zoonoses. Therefore, rapid and accurate diagnosis of brucellosis is very important. The

      TianLong's Brucella Nucleic Acid Detection Kit is helpful for the diagnosis and public health management of brucellosis.

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