Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

Nucleic acid extraction is an important initial step for nucleic acid testing, and the quality of nucleic acid extraction products can directly impact the accuracy of nucleic acid testing results.

Tianlong offers a range of over 40 superior reagents based on the magnetic-bead method for the extraction of nucleic acids from whole blood, serum, plasma, swabs, feces, animal and plant tissues, etc. These products are approved by NMPA (China), FDA (US), KFDA (South Korea), and CE-certified among many other official certifications. To meet your extraction needs in various scenarios, all the kits are provided pre-filled in single rows or in plates (20T / 40T / 48T / 64T / 96T).

Working with Tianlong automation nucleic acid extractor and workstations, such as PANA 9600S, Libex, GeneRotex 96, Tianlong magnetic bead kits can capture nucleic acids from 96 samples within 20 minutes.