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    • Human Herpes Virus Type 1/2/3 DNA Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method) P221-621H

      According to the difference in antigenicity, herpes simplex virus is divided into herpes simplex virus type 1(HSV-1), herpes simplex virus type 2(Hsv-2) and human herpesvirus type 3(HHV-3/VZV). The most common clinical symptom of Hsv-1 infection is a pathology specific to the oral area, such as cold sores. in addition, Hsv-1 can also cause lesions in other sites, such as genital herpes around the genital mucosa, herpetic papules on the fingers, herpes at the site of abrasions, and herpes blepharitis on the eyelids.HSV-2 begins proliferative infection mainly through sexual transmission through skin and mucosal damage, which can not only cause the typical cluster of blisters, pustules, ulcers and other lesions of genital skin and mucosa, it can also cause cervix urethritis, can also be accompanied by fatigue, fever, headache, lymph node enlargement and other systemic symptoms, and can even cause neonatal encephalitis, meningitis through vertical transmission, affecting the quality of the birth population. VZV can infect children to induce the production of varicella and after recovery a small amount of the virus lurks in the posterior root ganglion or cranial nerve sensory ganglia of the spinal cord. in adulthood, trauma, fever and other factors can activate the virus latent in the ganglia, and the activated virus descends through the axons of sensory nerve fibers to the innervated skin area, causing shingles after proliferation and complications include encephalomyelitis and conjunctivitis.

      Early diagnosis of pathogens is helpful to control the spread of pathogens and provide auxiliary diagnostic basis for treatment, The product for Herpes simplex virus is Human Herpes Virus Type 1/2/3 DNA Detection Kit developed by TianLong Biotechnology. it is intended for the rapid and accurate detection of Herpes simplex virus, assisting, in the diagnosis and treatment of virus infected patients, as well as public healthcare management.

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