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    • Marburg Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method) P696H

      Marburg virus disease (MVD) is a severe viral infectious disease caused by Marburg virus with a case fatality rate of up to 88%. it was discovered in 1967 during the simultaneous outbreaks in Marburg, Frankfurt Germany, and Belgrade, Serbia. Marburg virus is highly contagious. Patients with more severe symptoms are more infectious, while those in the incubation period are less infectious. The disease caused by Marburg virus has an acute onset with high fever, severe headache and severe malaise. The reservoir of Marburg virus in nature is not known. Marburg virus is mainly transmitted through close contact with the carcasses of dead animals and patients, as well as the blood, secretions, excreta, vomit, droplets of infected animals and patients, and through mucous membranes and broken skin.

      The Marburg Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit developed by TianLong Biotechnology is intended for the quick, accurate detection of Marburg virus nucleic acid, assists in the diagnosis and treatment of Marburg patients and public healthcare management.

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