Sapovirus/Adenovirus/Astrovirus Nucleic Acid Multiplex Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method) P252-652H-Viral Infections

    • Sapovirus/Adenovirus/Astrovirus Nucleic Acid Multiplex Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method) P252-652H

      Diarrhea is caused by multiple pathogens and multiple factors. The main clinical manifestations are the general term for a group of intestinal diseases that increase the frequency of intestinal movement and increase the water content of feces, Viral diarrhea is a group of acute intestinal infectious diseases caused by a variety of viruses. lt is one of the common human diseases. The clinical manifestations are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Most viruses are transmitted through the quasi-oral route or caused outbreaks by eating contaminated food or water. Viral diarrhea usually recovers on its own within 2 to 5 days, and it causes greater health damage to people with low immunity such as children and the elderly. Oral and intravenous rehydration are the main treatments. Sapovirus, Adenovirus and Astrovirus are the main pathogens causing viral diarrhea. Infectious diarrhea is one of the most common infectious diseases around the world. The 2010 WHO Global Disease Burden Estimation Report shows that diarrhea is the second-ranked disease in the global burden of infectious diseases (second only to lower respiratory tract infections). The Sapovirus/Adenovirus/Astrovirus Nucleic Acid Multiplex Detection Kit developed by TianLong Biotechnology is intended for the quick, accurate detection of diarrhea viruses, assists in the diagnosis and treatment of diarrhea viruses infection patients and public healthcare management.

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