Universal Entero Virus/ Coxsackie Virus A6/A10 Viral RNA Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method) P035-535H-Viral Infections

    • Universal Entero Virus/ Coxsackie Virus A6/A10 Viral RNA Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method) P035-535H

      Hand, foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) is a common infectious disease with serious harm to infants and young children. it was reported initially in New Zealand in 1957. HFMD is a global and common infectious disease in young children, particularly in those less than 5 years old. Vesicular exanthema develops on the hands, feet, mouth and buttocks. The disease usually resolves spontaneously, but severe complications, including death, can occur. HFD its pathogenic spectrum is composed of a variety of enteroviruses (EV). in recent years, non-EV71 and non-CA16 other types of EVs have become important pathogens causing HFMD, among which Coxsackie Virus group A Type 6 (CA6) and Coxsackievirus Group A Type 10 (CA10) are used as important pathogens, it has drawn attention and mainly affects children under the age of 3. Compared with other enteroviruses, CA6 is more likely to cause adult cases. Severe cases are prone to viral myocarditis and neurological symptoms. CA10 has a higher probability of severe disease.

      The Universal Entero Virus/coxsackie Virus A6/A10 Viral RNA Detection Kit developed by Tianlong Biotechnology is intended for the quick, accurate detection of Universal Entero Virus/coxsackie Virus A6/A10, assists in the diagnosis and treatment of Universal Entero Virus/Coxsackie Virus A6/A10 infection patients and public healthcare management.

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