Tianlong in South America
Release Date 2023-02-22

The trip to South America we visited our friends in Brazil, Venezuela, and Ecuador.


This time we have arranged a five-day on-site training for our partner In Venezuela and have in-depth communication with our partners on the local market.


Our cooperation starts when the monkeypox pandemic break out in 2022. Tianlong monkeypox detection solutions have greatly helped them in the fast diagnosis of the monkeypox virus and helped the local government in monkeypox pandemic control. Tianlong’s products have won the trust of our high-end users since its great quality.


Our high-end users also show great interest in Tianlong respiratory and STD testing solutions. Later, more of Tianlong's products will be applied locally. Continuous cooperation depends on mutual trust. Tianlong will cooperate with our friends and jointly develop the market to provide better solutions for people!