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Tianlong's Biolum Widely Used in Russia
Release Date 2024-01-19

Food safety is key to health and nutrition. As an innovative R&D company focusing on global health, Tianlong is dedicated to bolstering healthy and sustainable food systems with its Biolum Portable ATP Hygiene Monitoring System, a powerful tool for implementing and managing your hygiene monitoring program.


Tianlong's Biolum Portable ATP Hygiene Monitoring System takes full advantage of the advanced test swab method, allowing hygiene levels to be quickly assessed with results conveniently visualised on the handheld device's screen. It has been used for food safety monitoring and hygiene assurance at major events such as the National Games, the G20 Summit and the Davos Forum.


In Russia, Tianlong’s Biolum is also widely used in food service industries. We have developed a close and long-term partnership with Global-Vet Group, a key player in the supply of veterinary drugs and related products to the largest veterinary clinics, pet store chains and agricultural holdings in Russia. Global-Vet's main customers from dairy, meat, fish and confectionery industries carry out testing using Tianlong’s Biolum and swabs to control cleanliness in production, and also conduct verification for cleanliness in transportation, thanks to its excellent performance of user-friendly, flexible, and accurate.


For five years of mutually beneficial cooperation, Global-Vet Group has become Tianlong's important partner in Russia. It is believed that through the joint efforts of both sides, this cooperation will achieve greater success and bring more choices of animal health and food service products to the local market.