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    • Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit(For Dried Blood Spot Genomic DNA Extraction-SMA)

      The kit is intended for rapidly extracting genomic DNA from dried blood spot samples. It realizes the high-throughput processing of parallel samples. The whole operation process is safe and convenient. There is no need for organic reagent. The extracted nucleic acids are highly purified and in quantity, which can be widely used in the fields of diagnostics, genomics research, disease detection, food safety and forensic identification, etc.

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Product Manual
Product Brochure
Product MSDS
Cat.NoMethodSpecificationSample TypeCertificate
T390HMagnetic Beads method64T/Kit (Pre-filled) 16T/Plate × 4plates Dried Blood SpotIVDR CE
MethodMagnetic Beads method
Specification64T/Kit (Pre-filled) 16T/Plate × 4plates
Sample TypeDried Blood Spot
CertificateIVDR CE

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