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    • Measles/Rubella Virus RNA Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR Method)

      Measles is a type ofinfectious diseaseIt is caused by a virus that is transmitted via person-to-person contact as well as airborne spread. Due to its mode of transmission and its ability to remain airborne for a prolonged periodindividuals become easily infected.Its high contagiousness and its inherent infective efficiency result in continued yearly multiple outbreaks worldwideespecially in the unvaccinated.When exposed to measles, the individual not only develops clinica manifestations but is at risk for various complications.It continues to be a leading cause of death in children less than five years of age worldwideand survivors are at risk of neurologic puimonaryand rastrointestinalcomplications.

      Rubella is an acuteself-limitingcontagious viral infection seen most often in children and adolescents infected with the rubella virusRubella virus isapositive sensesinele-stranded RNA virus acauired via inhalation oinfectious large particle aerosols during close and prolonged contact with infected individualsRubella can also spread via vertical transmission.Rubella infection in early pregnancy carries a significant risk for transplacental infection ofthe fetus which may result in fetal loss or congenital malformation.

      The Measles/Rubella Virus RNA Detection Kit developed byTianLong Biotechnology is intended for the quick accurate detection of Measles/Rubella Virusand assists in the diagnosis and treatment of Measies/Rubella Virus infection patients,and public healthcare management.

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